About Mahu Oils

Natural Animal Health Care

Our Mahu Oils range is formulated with natural products right here in New Zealand. At Mahu, we believe in natural animal health care. Our philosophy is to ‘Nurture by Nature’.

The Mahu Oil range is our gift of nature to you and your valued pets. We believe our planet provides everything we need to ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of our beautiful friends – and that’s why we developed the Mahu range.

Now you can CLEAN, PROTECT and CARE for your family pets with complete peace of mind.  Each Mahu product has been created using proven recipes containing good honest ingredients like Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, Cedarwood and Sandalwood.


Following several years of research and driven by love and concern for our own cats and dogs, we have created a completely natural range of must-have products for your pets:


MAHU in Maori translates to “be healed” (Stative).

If you are a loving pet owner (or know one), wouldn’t you like a kit of natural products which both cared for your pet and saved on costly vet bills?

Nita Maaka was unable to find any products she felt confident in for the day-to-day ailments her cats and dogs had, so she started her second business called Mahu Oils, which offers three fantastic products to clean, protect and care for your family pet.

It’s like a “first aid kit for animals” which every pet owner should have on hand.

Care kits are available here online or you can come see Nita at the Tauranga Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Creating Mahu Oils has been a journey of learning and remembering what nature has to offer, and being able to provide these products to gift “Peace of Mind” to other pet owners is our first priority.”

– Nita Maaka,  Director

Nita Maaka resides in the lovely Bay of Plenty – Tauranga. Born in Wellington, Nita’s family is originally from Nuhaka which is a small settlement on the East Coast of the North Island.
In 2010 Nita created her first company Raw Pawz where she wanted to take her animals back to the basics of raw feeding to keep them in a “Natural State” of health through food.
Through further research she realised that there were also natural health products that she could offer to her clients – so they too could have options for keeping their pets in a healthy state.
Meet the Mahu Oils “Pack”


The "Big Softy"

Diesel was born in December 2008, he is the dog that loves to see everyone at the markets and plays a massive part in our dog training classes. He is a big softie that loves riding in the van and is a great mate to have around when you need a hug.


The "Sargent in Arms"

We had Gypsy for nearly 9 years and she had given us two large litters of 9 & 12 Pups.

We unfortunately have now lost her, but before we laid her to rest we had her bloods done to see if there was anything else going on, like cancer – but no. She was clear, this is a true testament to raw feeding!  RIP Gypsy, gone but never forgotten!



The "Big Goof"

Marley is a pup from the last litter of Diesel & Gypsy. He was born in March 2012 and is proving to be a wonderful dog who looks a little menacing but has a big soft part to him. He is very cheeky and keeps Diesel & Gypsy on their toes when it comes to play time.